2018 PCPE Title Holders

PCPE 2018 Title Holders MyMichele and Seraphyne

Michele (aka “The Sweet Sadist”) and Seraphyne have been engaged in a Momma/baby girl relationship for over four and a half years.  Their dynamic is centered on blood rituals, energy exchange, and protocols.  They often engage in needle play, artistic cutting, blood cupping, suturing and knife play.  They have protocols in place to keep their poly family safe in light of the type of play they like to engage in.  Safety is their number one priority!  They have excellent communication with one and other and truly cherish the connection they share together.





Since PCPE 2018, our title holders have been presenting all over the region!  They were invited to Sanctuary Inland Empire, CA.  They were part of the D-Type Panel at Sanctuary LAX, which was part of the BDSM 101 Series on August 20 and will be returning there to present on Dark Age Play on October 1.  Also in August, they were at Bakersfield, CA MaST where they were part of a panel discussion on power exchange.  On October 26, they will again be presenting Dark Age Play as part of DommeNation at Threshold in North Hollywood, CA.



MyMichele, Seraphyne, (2917 PCPE regional title holders), and Kevin and katie (2016/2017 Great Lakes Regional tile holders and 2017 IPE title holders)


MyMichele and Seraphyne (2018 PCPE title holders) with Alicia (PCPE Producer)