Pacific Coast Power Exchange (and International Power Exchange) are fun, low-stress educational/teaching titles that give you the opportunity to travel all over the country (and even internationally!) teaching others about power exchange relationships, using your own relationship as an example.

This contest is all about YOU, and the way you and your partner(s) represent a healthy, functional power exchange relationship. There is no requirement that the couple or triad identify in any particular way, and you don’t need to develop any special rules or protocols just for show. The important thing is that you can articulate how YOUR power exchange relationship operates and be friendly and approachable representatives at local, regional, and national events.

You don’t have to have any certain look or body type or a fancy wardrobe–just be comfortable being and wearing what makes you feel confident and authentic.

Why run for this this title you ask?  Here are a few reasons:

  • Represent and educate others about your specific power exchange dynamic.

  • Open doors for presenting opportunities- winners of PCPE will receive assistance from the PCPE producers to help identify teaching opportunities around our region and at national conferences, as well.

  • An opportunity to travel to Beyond Leather in West Palm Beach, FL May 16-19, 2019 representing the Pacific Coast region and to present your power exchange dynamic to an international audience!

  • Learn more about yourselves and your relationship- running for this title together will deepen your connection, and you will inevitably discover new things about yourselves and your dynamic throughout the process!

  • Meet some really terrific people and have a great time!

The winners of the PCPE title will be provided with a travel fund to get them to Beyond Leather. The exact amount of the travel fund depends in part on fundraising efforts associated with our PCPE contest. It is our hope that the travel fund will cover the majority of your expenses to travel to Beyond Leather to compete in the International Power Exchange contest inWest Palm Beach, FL May 16-19, 2019. If additional funds are needed, you will be expected to hold fundraisers to raise the additional money, and the PCPE producer will gladly assist with events.

14dfd272-e016-4b67-8cde-f9b6a7e570602014 PCPE title holders Stefanos and Shay

2014 PCPE and IPE Title Holders Stefanos and Shay

      2016 PCPE Title Holders Madame Butterfly and Hawk
2016 IPE Title Holders: Master Talon & Just Kathy



2012 IPE Title Holders: Lady Elsa & Boi Kris