Interested in volunteering for Pacific Coast Power Exchange?

We need all kinds of talent to assist us in bringing this event together!

We need some people to work on specific projects leading up to the event. We need a silent auction coordinator (confirming all are received, making the baskets look gorgeous and organizing the display and bid sheets at the event),  assistance with the event program, assistance with set up of lighting and sound equipment at the venue, set up of tables/chairs and  the reception area at the venue.  We also need someone creative to design and execute the centerpieces for the tables.  If you have a talent you want to lend to the event, please let us know!


2015 PCPE and IPE Title Holders Ms. Willow Kat and Aren (not shown Ranell)


For the actual event, we will need people to help set the tables, arrange the seating and check people in at the door. One or two people will be needed to direct attendees to parking.  We will also need someone to handle the sound and someone to handle the lighting for the event (the contestants will also have music selections for their fantasy portion of the contest and there will be microphones for the presentation portion of the contest), and people to help set up and clear the stage in between the contestants’ presentations and fantasies.  We need a couple of charming and outgoing people to  sell raffle tickets the evening of the event and set up the items to be raffled so people can see what they may win. We need a judges’ liaison (to make sure all judges have what they need and handle any requests), a time keeper (the fantasies and presentations are timed), a contestant liaison, and a couple of people to assist the producer with things to be done the evening of the event. If any of these sound like you, let us know!